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What Size to Print

We can print a very wide range of sizes, consequently there is no such thing as a "special size". Our minimum size is 8"x 12"to the maximum size is 110" x 168".  Please keep in mind that the larger the size the thicker the glass for obvious reasons.

So what is the right size to print? 

Well, in reality, glass is strong and the possibilities really span into infinity, so we'll help you with whatever you need for your project.  That said, there are some basic rules that we learned by asking the professionals, we share the information here...

Since most art is hung or arranged in a grouping with furniture, we felt this is the best place to start. Apparently there is a common formula that the bottom should hang 57" up from the floor and span 2/3 or 1/2 the width of the space, or as shown the piece of furniture, or grouping of furniture.

Both widths are considered appropriate to complement rather than overwhelm the setting.  The height can be whatever the ceiling will accommodate, but a good rule of thumb is 9"-10" from the highest peak.  

We refer to this area as "the Hanging Zone" and of course, it can be whatever you want it to be within the minimum to the maximum size shown above.

Hanging Zone.jpg
Size Chart in Inches.jpg
Size Chart in Centimeters.jpg
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