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  • What version of Photoshop do you use?
    Illuma Studio and all of our partners use the most recent released versions of the Adobe CC suite of products.
  • Do you offer custom design services?
    Yes! We are all about custom design. We go to great lengths to find the right materials and artist to achieve the desired results for our clients. Do not hesitate to reachout and inquire using the link below, if we cannot meet your requirements we will direct you as best we can to other alternative sources. Custom Project Brief
  • Do you offer Photoshop / Illustrator services?
    We do offer this service at a separate rate of $75.00 per hour. Please notify us at the time of placing your order that you wish us to make ready your artwork for submission to the manufacturer. Upon receipt of your uploaded file, you will be prompted to pay for 1 hour of work in advance; with the balance being paid upon completion as recorded on digital timesheet. Artwork will then be sent to you for final approval. Final submission will occur once all fee's and authorization are received by us. An example would be if you have an image but don't work in Photoshop and want us to prepare the artwork for a triple layer laminated print.
  • What type of glass does the company use?
    All images are printed on crystal clear low iron glass, which is the clearest glass available. Starphire, Ultra-White, Krystal Klear or Opti-White are some of the product names offered within the architectural glass industry. Alternative glass is widely available and can be printed on. Standard Clear Float Glass which has a green tint to it is just one example, shown here is a print done on grey tinted glass For now, the Designer only offers crystal clear low-iron so if you desire a different base glass to be used please submit this Custom Quote Request
  • What is the Illuma Designer exactly?
    The Illuma Designer is a piece of proprietary software that was developed to allow the user to generate a price and purchase digitally printed glass in real time. It is tied to an eCommerce shopping cart and is rules based, preventing errors in the ordering process. Here is a brief overview of how it works: It's awesome. We encourage you to give it a try....Go to Designer Now!
  • What is Tiling?
    Tiling is when you spread an image over multiple prints. Our drop-on-demand precision printing enable edge-to-edge printing which allows for a continuous flow of the artwork to span over the designated number of surfaces or in this case, glass prints. In this way you can easily create Diptych or Triptych groupings or many other compositions. It's easily done inside of the Designer by click & draging across tiling tool in the Shape category as shown here: The next step prompts you for Single Image / Multiple Prints or Multiple Images / Multiple Prints. In this example we are choosing Single Image / Multiple Prints Shown next is actual glass print sample (on right) and original artwork.
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