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Connie Horner

Illuma Studio is me and visa versa.


I am a digital art designer. My primary medium is  printed ceramic frit glass, although it doesn't stop with this, I actually love working with all kinds of glass.

Shown in the book of ideas is a mixing of the ceramic frit glass in spaces where the walls have been embellished using digital print transfer technology.  I think this looks very new and exciting. 


I like using imagery that is monumental, structural and architectural by nature.  I think this mix makes for a fresh take on trompe l'oeil murals and traditional pattern mixing. 

The glass allows for the use of natural light and can really create a feeling of depth like nothing else can. When combined with mirror, it's in a league all it's own.


I will go to whatever lengths a project aesthetic requires, the final product will be achieved through whatever means necessary.  I'm all about custom design and working with the latest technologies.

I love collaboration and often seek out other artists that specialize in a particular area of expertise in order to fulfill a projects need.

I've added a SHOP here with preconfigured glass compositions that are ready for purchase, they simply need your imagery, or mine.  I'm happy to assist in the creation of something unique and special for you, it's a simple request as part of the checkout process.

If you prefer to DIY, there is a link to our proprietary design & price tool that will allow you to create whatever kind of glass print you need, in any size,shape or thickness you want.