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We Want You To Love It!


But we’re reasonable and also human!  If in fact, something is wrong, we will do whatever it takes to right that wrong.  We simply ask that any problems be communicated to us within 48 hours of delivery using the contact form in the footer below.


As you know, Illuma allows a 48 hour grace period prior to releasing the order to the printer manufacturer.  This is a time for quality checks and desired changes to take place. After this grace period, cancellations are no longer possible. All sales are final.


Because the service we provide supports “one of a kind” printing, we also do not accept returns in the traditional sense.  We will, however, reprint a piece if indeed you are dissatisfied with the quality or detect a flaw of some kind, it can happen.


We hold all converted art files for 30 days and therefore when the request is received we will process it immediately and get the file back in the queue for reprinting.


No changes to art files are accepted as they’ve already been converted by printer RIP software.


An RMA ( Return Material Authorization) will be issued to return glass print if the problem is something the printer manufacturer wants to inspect. RMA’s will include all shipping instructions.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss our return policies BEFORE we start the printing process;  other than that, we’ll just take it day by day and work together through any problems that might arise.



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