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One Print. One Image. Rectangle Shape. Horizontal Layout.

One Print. One Image. Rectangle Shape. Horizontal Layout.


Drawings above are in 1/4" scale in relation to a standard 8 ft couch and 8 ft ceiling height.  


Some general terms & information:


All Illuma prints are custom made to order using YOUR artwork, unless of course you'd like us to provide the artwork for your project. A confirmation email will be sent with a link for you to UPLOAD your artwork for printing unit chosen. Additionally, you can use our Custom Artwork Request Form (in footer); where we can be briefed on any special instructions or specific project needs, you just need to include the final Order number.


The minimum available glass print size is  12" x 12", but maximum size for glass is 110" x 168". We do not charge for "special sizes", but all the variables make it impossible to show full offering.  Think of infinity.  So if you don't see the size you really need here please send message through Contact or visit the Illuma Designer which will walk you through all the choices very easily and is tied to our secure eCommerce server. Yes, you can specify, price and buy printed glass online right now!

  • Policy Info

    Only our base product is offered here which means 1/4" glass with flat sanded edges. Other choices can be ordered easily through the Illuma Designer or if prefer the there is a Custom Quote Form in the footer below. The full product offering  includes, but is not limited to:

    Glass Thicknesses:

    • 3/8" Single Layer
    • 1/2" Single Layer
    • 3/4" Single Layer
    • 1/2" Double Layer Laminated
    • 3/4" Triple Layer Laminated.

    For the large groups of multiple prints, these are only available in 1/4" because of the hanging hardware.

    Polished Edgework Choices:

    • Flat Polish
    • Pencil Polish
    • 1 1/2" Classic Bevel
    • Ogee Polish
    • Waterfall
  • Refund Policy

    We have a 48 hour grace period (M-F) before we start processing your order. If you cancel during this timeframe a full refund will be given. Once the order moves into production, there can be no cancellations and there will be no refunds given. Since everything we do is custom made, once you have confirmed the order we start moving forward towards the finish line. For additional information, please see links to our policies in the footer below.

  • Shipping Info

    While this site only allows designation for IN or OUT of stock, we've chosen IN stock, however, please note that all products are custom manufactured to your specifications and should be considered one-of-a-kind.

    Delivery of product can range anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on what is in the manufacturing queue. So thank you in advance for your patience, we promise it's worth the wait.

    Estimated delivery date will be provided as part of order confirmation.

    For additional reading on our shipping policies, please use the link  in the footer below. Also, you may search the FAQ section and always feel free to contact us with any questions you may have if it will save you time to do so.

  • Hanging Hardware

    Sold separately. Please see individual product listing in Shop. 

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