Color and Ceramic Frit Ink

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

A very important aspect of this technology that we want to impress upon you is the result of the inks being heavy metal-free and not containing lead cadmium metal specifically. It’s important to explain exactly what this means, so that you choose your images appropriately and prepare your files accordingly. The Color Mode for Digital Printing with our manufacturer is referred to as BGWORK. ( Black, Green, White, Orange, Red, BlacK).

Because we live in a computer LED world of great vibrancy and over saturation; you must not expect this from a digital glass print. It’s different, very different, in a beautifully different way. Most notably, is its delicacy and translucence. It’s not like anything else and therefore , it should not be compared to anything else!

BGWORK is a softer more muted look, one that becomes very vibrant when light passes through it, whether directly or indirectly as reflected off of a white wall. Many people are lighting their pieces from behind and we can certainly help with this if you have an interest in lighting please see the Lighting a Glass Art Print article for more information.

The Primary Colors are not what you would expect them to be, not what we’re used to… let us show you what we mean. ( Please calibrate your monitor to properly view this subject matter).


Pantone 180C