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Double Layer Laminated

Glass Samples by Connie 288a.jpg

Sample shown above consists of two pieces of 1/4" Low Iron Crystal Clear Glass that have been printed using ceramic frit inks then laminated together to make one piece.

As you can see at left the top layer  has no black background, only the two masks.

The overall effect creates depth and an almost 3D quality.

Overall thickness here is 1/2" and the weight is 6.8 lbs per square foot.

Surfaces Lami DL WIX.jpg

Many thicknesses can be combined but cannot exceed 2" in overall thickness.  We currently offer only double and triple-layer, using 1/4" glass in the Designer. 


For all other inquiries or questions, please use the contact form in the footer and we'll get back to you by end of next business day.

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